Photos from Trips to Pyramiden

Statue of Lening in the ghost town Pyramiden

The statue of Lenin looking at the Nordenskiöld glacier in the background.



The deserted Russian mining settlement Pyramiden is located in Billefjorden, opposite the majestic Nordenskiöld glacier. In the summer you can go there on a day trip by boat (MS Langøysund), departing from Longyear City (Longyearbyen).



Pyramiden port with the Nordenskiöld glacier in the background.



Pyramiden seen from the boat.


For safety reasons you have to stay close to the guide during our stay. The guide always carries a gun in case a polar bear should visit the ghost town (which is not very likely).


The Russian guide is telling about the ghost town's history.


Seal watching the tourists arrive at the Pyramiden port.



The mountain Pyramiden (meaning 'the Pyramid') that the mining settlement was named after. Photo taken in September.


The mountain Pyramiden. Photo taken in late May.

The harbour of Pyramiden (late May).


Video - impressions of Pyramiden, Svalbard




Photos from the boat trip to Pyramiden with MS Langøysund

We eat barbeque food in front of the Nordenskiöld glacier (at a safe distance) before the boat is heading for Pyramiden.


This walrus was spotted on a boat trip to Pyramiden and the Nordenskiöld glacier in late May. It was eating a bearded seal. More photos below.


Beautiful Isfjorden (The Ice Fjord).


Walrus checking to see if thee boat keeps a comfortable distance.

Going through the security details.


Fulmars are following the boat at close range.

Fulmar hoping that the walrus will leave some food from the bearded seal for him to eat. Walruses usually take such big prey to ice if it is available – but a nice fat bearded seal should float for a while when dead in any case. Walruses break up big prey by shaking it (with great power) such that chunks break away - or by pulling strips away. It is amazing – they even eat a lot of the bones in young animals.

Experiencing a walrus eating a bearded seal in the water is very rare, even in Svalbard.

The walrus working on the bearded seal.



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