Coal Miners' Cabins

Coal Miners' Cabins

Welcome to Coal Miners' Cabins - an affordable and popular place to stay. We have a relaxed and casual atmosphere with a great bar & grill.

About Coal Miners' Cabins

Coal Miners' Cabins offers reasonably priced accommodation, located in the upper part of the Longyear valley and within easy reach of mountains and glaciers. The place is an excellent starting point for hiking, skiing and snowmobile trips during summer and winter.

Coal Miners' Cabins is the place for those who want to get the real experience of the mining life in Svalbard. CMC is located in Nybyen, Longyearbyen’s small "suburb" about 10 minutes walking distance from downtown.

When Coal Mine number 1 was opened in the 1930’s, the miners moved into the two- stories barracks that were set up. The standard was bad, but compared to the tough days in the mines, this was absolutely acceptable. When World War II ravaged over Europe, Svalbard was also affected, and Nybyen was set on fire in 1943. After the war, the miners moved back and placed into the newly built barracks. It is also these buildings that you can get the opportunity to stay in, however, a completely different standard.

CMC offers rooms in various price ranges, with unique histories to each place. Do you have a desire to experience the simple life, such as the toughest miners, "Liggen" is the place to stay.


“Liggen” is actually the word used for the “floor” inside a mine. The building was finished in the summer of 1946 and housed all types of workers. Here you now get a bed with a window overlooking the wild Arctic nature, and there is a shared bathroom in the hallway. The common rooms are used frequently, and late nights with long conversations and board games can entertain a happy traveller. Do you have a desire to upgrade to a standard more suitable for modern travelers, we also have rooms to suit your needs. Both "Strossa" and "Formannsmessa" have Svalbard inspired rooms with social zones for late nights.


This was built for the foremen. The standards were better than in the general miners’ barracks, but a lot lower than the administrative staff’s accommodations. The building was finished in 1946.


“Strossa” is named after the “strosse”, which is the part of the mine where the coal is found – the coal seam. As in “Liggen”, “Strossa” housed all types of workers.

Common to all rooms at CMC is that the shared bathroom is situated in the hall, common rooms and –kitchens are available for everyone and here you can make your own breaktfast and lunch. Buffet breakfast at the "Stormessa", or Coal Miners Bar & Grill which we have renamed our restaurant and ”Barception” (yes, it’s both a bar and a reception!) area, is served every morning. Stormessa, “the big mess hall”, was opened in January 1948. It replaced the workers’ mess in Sverdrupbyen, which had become too small and impractical. Stormessa was modern and effective. It was open 24 hours per day, providing meals to the miners who worked according to a three shift roster.

CMC is an affordable place to stay, with a priceless view and rich history. Ski in, ski out!

We have 73 single and double rooms with a total of 146 beds. We also have two suites with capacity for four people, and one suite with capacity for two people.

Breakfast is served in our bar & grill where you'll find our reception, a gift shop, TV and free WIFI. Every guest house has a kitchen, lounge area, laundry room and shared bathrooms.

Coal Miners' Bar & Grill

Our chefs prepare home-cooked meals with the best ingredients every day.

Coal Miners' Cabins chef
Coal Miners' Cabins burgere
Our burgers are made over open fire from our charcoal grill. Coal Miners' Cabins salat
Try our delicious chicken salad.

Contact us

For further information, please contact us:

Phone: +47 79 02 63 00

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Call +47 7902 6100 or book your trip

For booking, please call +47 79 02 63 00 or email us at

You can also book directly.

Opening hours

Breakfast: 07:00 am - 10:00 am
Bar & Grill: 12:00 noon - 10:00 pm


Coal Miners' Cabins is open every day all year round. Reception is manned 24 hours.


Coal Miners' Cabins
Post box 548
9171 Longyearbyen


call us +47 79 02 61 00
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