Spitsbergen Polar Night

Spitsbergen Polar Night

During the winter months, more specifically between November 14 and January 29, you can experience a very special phenomenonon Svalbard - the Polar night. During this period the sun doesn't shine on Svalbard - a mesmerising experience.

24 hour darkness

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Call it magic - Once the sun retreats to more than 6° below the horizon the Longyearbyen becomes a magical place lit only by street lights, the aurora borealis and moonlight, which glitters in the snow. This creates a unique atmosphere, and the mystic light reminds you that you are, without a doubt, well off the beaten track.

Northern lights on Svalbard

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Without the sun your chances of seeing the rich colours of the northern lights dancing in the sky are doubled. This solar effect in incredible and truly inspiring. Dream of seeing the aurora? Visit Svalbard in the Polar night, where the northern lights can shine both 'day' and night.

Polar night offer

October 1st - February 28th 

Flights to/from Longyearbyen and 3 nights guesthouse/hotel accommodation:
3 day package from NOK 2 990,- per person
4 day package from NOK 3 490,- per person

From Tromsø: From NOK 3 790,-

Additional night NOK 500,- per person
Singleroom NOK 400,-.

Exciting Activities, unique atmosphere

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A journey to Svalbard this time of year can be combined with several exotic activities; Polar night safari on snowmobiles, dog sledding during the darkness of day or northern lights adventures.

See all winter activites here.

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We will be releasing packages for 2014/2015 soon. Please contact us if you will have more information in the mean time.

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Spitsbergen Polar Night
From NOK 2,990

From October 1st to end of February.


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