Experience the Northern Lights From NOK 3990

Experience the Northern Lights

Svalbard is the best place to experience the Northern Lights. During the dark season, you can even experience it during daytime. Book with us and we'll take you on an unforgettable experience.

The northernmost northern lights experience

Take a northern lights holiday on Spitsbergen, where the Polar winter gives you exceptional chances of seeing the natural fireworks of the Arctic.

Located just 800 miles from the North Pole, Spitsbergen is the largest of the Svalbard Islands. The aurora borealis is seen here more often than in any other inhabited place. It's also the only place on the planet where you can experience the northern lights during daytime!

Northern Lights Longyearbyen

A unique display of light

The magical aurora - a unique display of light, ever changing, ever fascinating. Named for the Greek goddess of dawn, Aurora, the northern lights have long been a source for myth and legend, and today attract many visitors to the Polar regions. To learn more about the aurora, see our Aurora Borealis information page, complete with current forecasts.

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Feel free to contact us directly for booking. We have a package deal for all Travelers from NOK 3 990.

This deal includes:

  • Return flights from Oslo to Longyearbyen
  • 2 nights twin share accommodation

We can also help with connecting flights, booking of additional nights, a wide range of other Arctic experiences and much more.

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Price: From NOK 3990
From NOK 3990
What's included?

Roundtrip Oslo - Longyearbyen

2 nights twin share accommodation


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The magical aurora - a unique display...
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