Boat trip to Pyramiden mon/wed/fri/sat NOK 1700

Boat trip to Pyramiden mon/wed/fri/sat

A ghost town in the high north with polar bears in the streets.

Ghost Town in Svalbard

North, north and even further north. Here we will find the ghost town Pyramiden, complete with the world’s northernmost statue of Lenin. A powerful, brutally isolated town– surrounded by empty buildings and an obvious lack of life. Rumours of Pyramiden’s significance during the cold war abound, but one thing is certain: This was an Arctic outpost, but at the same time an Arctic paradise for those who lived and worked here in the communist spirit. This town was a showcase of communist excellence. We will see and relive Pyramiden’s glory days. The proud atmosphere is still here!

While the sun shines over the stern, we sail north through the Isfjord and glide slowly past the bird cliff at Hatten. They aren’t big, but the Brunnich’s guillemot swarm in and out in big flocks. Like all bird cliffs in Svalbard, the cliff shines in bright shades of green, yellow and orange. We will cross Sassenfjord and see the mighty mountain Tempelet guarding the entrance to Tempelfjord. This mountain landmark towers over the fjord like a Sphinx.

Under the glacier

At the top of Billefjorden we will pass Brucebyen, a reminder of the Scottish influence, and then we are there…, right under the glacier and its powerful blue walls of ice. It crackles and bangs and if we are lucky, may calve impressively for the photographers on board. Here we will serve lunch from the barbecue on board while enjoying views that would be hard to match at any meal.

We will dock at the harbour in Pyramiden, where the Russian guide waits with a rifle on his shoulder. ‘Welcome to Russia’ he says in his slightly broken English and smiles. Polar bears can turn up in the town, and we are going to explore Pyramiden. We must stay together in a group for safety’s sake.

Included in the price

Transport to/from accommodation (not the camping site), warm lunch onboard, sightseeing in Pyramiden with English speaking guide. Tour leader/guide onboard.

NB: Early in the boating season, there might still be ice in the water in certain areas around Svalbard. In the case of ice conditions in Billefjorden leading to difficulties docking in Pyramiden, we will not offer a refund for the trip.


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Photos taken on trips to Pyramiden and the Nordenskiold glacier.

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Price: NOK 1700
NOK 1700

Route number 2 shows this tour


NOK 1700 adult
NOK 1450 senior (over 67)
NOK 950 children (2-13 years)


Appr. 11 hours


May 1 - August 31

Be aware that ice conditions can make it difficult for the boat to sail all the way into the harbor on the first trips.

Number of participants

Min. 8 persons
Max 70 persons

Age limit

None. Suitable for everyone. Children should be accompanied by adults.

Online booking

call us +47 79 02 61 00
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