Arve Tvedt

Arve Tvedt

Arve was born in 1964, and comes from Jostedalen.

Mountain Guide

Arve's first experiences with tourism and guiding were in 1982 on the Nigard Glacier, and in 1987 he was a founding member of Jostedalen Breførarrlag, now one of the oldest guide firms in Norway. Since 1987 he has worked fulltime as a guide, covering many areas including: glacier, skiing, climbing and trekking in Nepal. In 2007 Arve began a position in the North Sea as an access technician, or industrial climber, for Aak. After a while he found he missed the mountains and the tourists, and in 2010 returned to land based work. Arve was certified as a Mountain Guide with the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations in 1998. He has been a member of the Red Cross moutain rescue group since 1981, and later became a member of the Alpine rescue group.


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