Sveinung Toppe

Sveinung Toppe

Sveinung was born in 1977, grew up in Nord-Hordaland and has wide-ranging experience in activities and tours in the great outdoors.

Bachelor in nature and outdoor studies

Sveinung worked for 5 years as an officer in the military and has completed a Bachelor degree in nature and outdoor studies at Høgskolen i Telemark. His first visit to Svalbard was in the winter of 1999, and he came back in 2005 to work as a guide with Spitsbergen Travel. Sveinung has worked with most of our products, but his focus has been on longer hiking tours in the summer and snowmobile and ski expeditions in the winter. Sveinung is an authorised Svalbard guide (summer and winter). Since the summer of 2008 Sveinung has been a permanent employee in our tour production department, and is today the guide manager for Spitsbergen Travel.


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