Who we work with

Who we work with

We work with many inspiring people and passionate companies.


Hurtigruten Svalbard is totally dependent on good partners to offer a good product SAS is the veteran when it comes to flights to Svalbard, and operates today between Oslo, Tromsø and Longyearbyen.


In 2013 Norwegian started up again their flights to Svalbard, and we are very happy about this. We have a good cooperation with Norwegian, and they fly between Oslo and Longyearbyen.


The climate can be harsh on Svalbard, therefore it is quite natural for us to cooperate with Devold. The traditional Norwegian company has produced wool clothes since 1853, and today they are the oldest manufacturer of knitted garments in Norway. We equip our guides with Devold apparel, and also sell a range of suitable products at our accomodations.

Justine Gosling

Justine Gosling went on our expedition "Two summits" in 2016, and this was actually her first skiing expedition! She came up two weeks prior to the expedition, and learnt how to ski here at Svalbard. Gosling is in other words an adventurous ambassador for Svalbard and she can take on any challenge given to her. She is sponsored by Land Rover, GHumm Champagne, Canada Goose, and is one of the Discovery Channel's ambassadors. We are proud to partner up with Gosling, and look forward to sharing her experiences from Svalbard with you guys.

The Lost Penguin

The Lost Penguin is an expedition group consisting of Teodor Glomnes and Lars Tønsberg. Glomnes is the youngest ever having attempted to climb Mount Everest twice, he has also been on an expedition to Antarctica. Tønsberg joined Glomnes, and together they skiid Svalbard from North to South. We assisted with the transportation, and are very proud to have these two polar heroes on our team.

Johanna Davidsson

Johanna Davidsson is the first female Swede to go to the South Pole unsupported. She went to Svalbard to train for the expediton, and we assisted her as best we could. Davidsson is a nurse, and use her spare time to challenge herselves with new adventures. We are cheering for you, Johanna!

Asgeir Helgestad

Asgeir Helgestad is an award winning photographer, specializing in outdoor photograpyhy and wildlife. He has worked with photography and film since 1991, and we are happy to collaborate with him. Helgestad is accustomed to the rough climate here on Svalbard, and has been both here in the Arctic and in the Antartica.

Fredrik Granath

Fredrik Granath is a Swedish photographer, who since 2001 has been photographing in the harsh climate in the Arctic. We work with Granat, and his focus on the environment and vlimate are values we treasure. Granath has released the bestselling book "Vanishing World", which was named one of the ten best books by USA Today and Entertainment Weekly.

Shutterbirds Production

Shutterbird Productions is run by Francisco Mattos, and is a company that takes photographes and video from the Arctic landscape. Mattos has also produced a TV series for the Brazilian channel Canal OFF, here he describes life on Svalbard and the hunt for the Northern Lights.

Jørn Hurum

Hurtigruten Svalbard is one of the main sponsors of Jørn Hurum and his fossil hunting from the Natural History Museum, and as a thanks we received a genus named after us - Spitrasaurus (after Spitsbergen Travel that was renamed Hurtigruten Svalbard in 2017)! Right from the start in 2007 Hurtigruten Svalbard worked closely with Hurum . Jørn Hurum and his team have every summer had excavations in Isfjorden , a small boat from Longyearbyen. Here we have taken tourists, who have had personal tours with Hurum in the excavation area. It has been an adventure being a part of this huge project, which is unique worldwide.


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