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Travel to/from Longyearbyen

From 1st February 2011, all passengers travelling to/from Longyearbyen must present a valid ID-card/passport upon departure. For children travelling alone without ID, identity must be confirmed by parent or guardian at check-in/gate.    

Valid type of identification (ID)

-Bank card with photo – only Norwegian citizens
-Driving license – only Norwegian citizens
-Student certificate – only Norwegian citizens
-National ID card with name, picture and date of birth

Departures Oslo

Flights from Oslo via Tromsø with onwards connection to Longyearbyen will depart Oslo from a domestic gate.
Direct flights Oslo-Longyearbyen will depart Oslo from an international gate past the Schengen Passport control.

Arrivals Oslo

Domestic arrival for flights from Longyearbyen via Tromsø to Oslo.
International arrival for direct flights from Longyearbyen to Oslo.

The information is taken from the airline company SAS and the Ministry of Justice and the Police homepage, and Spitsbergen Travel is not responsible if the above information is incorrect.


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