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Longyearbyen is the largest settlement and the administrative centre of Svalbard. It is located on the western coast of Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago. The Governor of Svalbard and her administration reside in Longyearbyen.


In 1898 Vesteraalske Dampskibsselskab built a hotel on whats now are called Hotellneset (Hotel point) in Longyearbyen.

Hotels in Longyearbyen
Hotels in Longyearbyen include Radisson Blu Polar Hotel Spitsbergen, Funken Lodge and Coal Miners Cabins.

  • Coal Miners Cabins is a reasonably priced and highly popular place to stay.
  • With modern comfort in historic surroundings Funken Lodge offers a unique Svalbard experience.
  • At the world’s northernmost full service hotel, Radisson Blu Polar Hotel
    , you stay in the heart of Longyearbyen. From your table at Brasseri Nansen you can enjoy the panoramic view towards the majestic mountain Hiorthfjellet accompanied by an excellent Arctic menu and a good selection of wines.

John Munroe Longyear and his company Arctic Coal founded the settlement when coal-mining begin in Longyearbyen. From 1916 to date Store Norske Spitsbergen Kullkompani win coal in Longyearbyen.

In the early 1990s the city has radically changed and around the city there is only one mine left and most of the 2000 inhabitants in Longyearbyen are now employed in research, education and tourism.

What to see and do in Longyearbyen
The climate in Spitsbergen is mild compared to the location. One of the northernmost settlements in the world benefit from the Golf Stream. At the same time it is a dry place, with the limited amount of rainfall make it a pleasant place to arrive at.

Incredible flora and fauna surrounds Longyearbyen. Rich in wildlife, Reindeer, Svalbard Gruose, Polar Fox, and the king of the arctic, the Polar Bear boast the landscapes however it is not recommended to venture outside the city without being accompanied by a local guide.

Longyearbyen has all the facilities of a mothern society including several museums.

Hurtigruten og Longyearbyen
The founding company of Hurtigruten, VDS bought a pre- fabricated hotel in Trondheim in 1896 and transported it to the place that became Longyearbyen, some years later.

This hotel was the center for cruises to Spitsbergen by ships used by Hurtigruten during the summer.


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