Visiting Svalbard

Visiting Svalbard

'You are welcome back to Svalbard as long as no one can see that you were here'. The environment on Svalbard is incredibly vulnerable, due to the extreme location and permafrost. Always show respect when travelling here.

Pregnancy and excursions

Pregnant woman should always show caution when choosing to participate in activities which  present a risk for falls or where there is a risk of pressure or knocks against the abdomen. Pregnant women should be more careful to avoid injury as the pregnancy progresses. Many activities can present risks, and with a focus on Svalbard, a particular increase in risk of injury is applicable for all snowmobile tours and dog sledding. Due to this, it is not advisable for pregnant women to participate in dog sledding or snowmobiling. There is always a higher risk for an injury or accident during this kind of activity. This can result in injury to the pregnant woman and/or the foetus/unborn child.

European Healthcare Card

The European healthcare card documents your right to cover for costs related to necessary medical treatment while you are temporarily in another EEA country, or Switzerland. You have the same right to treatment as the citizens of the country you are visiting. Visits to Longyearbyen Hospital are not covered in the same manner as hospital visits on the mainland. Reimbursement will not be paid for visits even if the patient is from another EEA country or Switzerland and has shown their healthcare card. On the mainland, the presentation of this card would allow the cardholder free hospital treatment. On Svalbard the patient must pay for their hospital visit and apply for reimbursement through their travel insurance. Patients from Nordic countries may have their stay at Longyearbyen Hospital covered under separate agreements.

You can find more information about the European healthcare card here:

Travel insurance

We recommend that all of our guests have valid travel insurance.

Flying to Svalbard

Customs clearance of luggage for those arriving from abroad (regardless of Schengen / Non-Schengen) will take place on Svalbard if they travel with the direct flight from Oslo, while it will take place in Oslo if the plane is via Tromsø.


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