Experience Spitsbergen

A visit to Spitsbergen will alert all five senses forever.

Experience with all senses

See the variety

Our eyes function as a camera. Information is processed and stored in our brain. Spitsbergen is well known for its fantastic lights, giving the magnificent landscape numerous colour shades. One of man’s most complex senses is sight. The contrasts leave you feeling both challenged and enriched. Spitsbergen will leave you with visions creating eternal memories. Once you have sees Spitsbergen you will always be able to close your eyes and re-live it - time and time again.

Hear the silence

Sound is vibrations (sound waves) transported to the brain through the ears. Deafening silence can make a powerful sound impression. Your hearing becomes acute when the only things you can hear are the sound of the sledge, breathing dogs and pawns against the snow. On Spitsbergen we give you the possibility to HEAR the northern light flash across the sky.

Smell the clearness

The nerve system in our nose is able to recognise various smell molecules and that is the reason we are able to separate different smells. Sharp clean air fills your lungs. Spitsbergen is one of the world’s outposts with a strong environmental focus.

Taste the purity

Your tongue and mouth can distinguish 4 different tastes: salt, sweet, sour and bitter. The interaction of tastes will tell you what you are eating or drinking. The Spitsbergen kitchen is inspired by its surroundings. A drop of whisky with ice-cubes from a glacier that dates back thousands (even millions) of years sheds a different light on the experience.

Feel the solitude

Whilst the other four senses are specifically located, the sense of touch can be attributed to the entire body. Spitsbergen’s FIVE seasons can offer you anything from chilling goose pimples to blushing warmth.

Our vision is to create joy by stimulating your senses in ways you will never forget!

Welcome to our world!


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