When do you want to visit Svalbard?

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Join our winter activities. Ride on a snowmobile, go dog sledding, visit an ice cave or go sightseeing in Longyearbyen.
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Northern lights activities
Svalbard is the ultimate place to experience the magic of the Northern Lights, both day and night!
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The summer in Svalbard has a lot to offer. Experience boat trips, hikes, dog sledding, kayaking and other activities.
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Our favourites

Arctic Wilderness Evening
Arctic Wilderness Evening
Join us for a trip outside the city limits and experience the Arctic tundra.
NOK 1045
Svea snowmobile safari
We head south. Away from Longyearbyen and towards Svea in Van Mijenforden - we'll be in...
NOK 3.095
Elveneset snowmobile safari
Snowmobile Elveneset
Experience snowmobiling on Svalbard - an awesome introduction to the Arctic winter...
NOK 2095
East coast snowmobile safari
East Coast
Having been briefed and equipped we head out of Longyearbyen and towards the East coast...
NOK 3695
Snowmobile safari to the dog yard
Snowmobile safari to the dog yard
Visit our four-legged friends at Green Dog
Dog sledding in Bolterdalen
Bolterdalen dog sledding
Experience the amazing teamwork between man and dog in the Arctic wilderness. Enjoy the...
NOK 1350
Ice cave tour with snowcat
Ice cave tour with snowcat
Ice cave exploration is an amazing wander through the heart of a glacier. Have you ever...
NOK 845
Longyearbyen Panorama - Snowcat ride with a view
Longyearbyen Panorama - Snowcat ride with a view
Board our impressive new snowcat and prepare for an exciting tour with a view, as your...
NOK 745
Dogsledding to an ice cave
Dog sledding to an ice cave
A seven hour adventure - drive your own dog team to a fantastic ice cave which is only...
NOK 2290
A visit to coal mine number 3
A visit to coal mine number 3
Are you ready to enter an old mine full of memories from coal-dusted miners?
NOK 640
Longyearbyen in a nutshell - sightseeing with the local expert
Longyearbyen in a nutshell
The tour will give you an understanding of the past and the present of Longyearbyen and...
NOK 345

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