Dog sledding to the East Coast of Spitsbergen NOK 29 990

Dog sledding to the East Coast of Spitsbergen

Join us on a five day dog sledding expedition to the east coast of Spitsbergen. Just you and your dog team in an enormous, chalk-white desert. The interaction between the dogs and the musher is demanding, but rewarding, and during this trip you will form close ties with your team.

Unique interaction

Mushing with your dog team brings you closer to nature, letting the amazing experiences sink in slowly. Concepts like silence and freedom gain an extra dimension here.

As you become more used to mushing, it becomes even more rewarding. From behind the sled you can enjoy the feeling of working with the dogs, while the landscape opens up and the mountains glide past. You will have time to enjoy the natural wonders to the full. On the east coast you also have a good chance of seeing polar bears in their natural element. During the tour we will spend four nights in tents at different campsites.

Hundesledetur Østkysten Menneske og Hund

How demanding is the tour?

You do not need any previous experience with dog sledding to particpate in this expedition, however, you should be in good general health. The participants will be asked to help out with the camp, feeding of the dogs, preparations for the trips, etc.

The weather in the Arctic is unpredictable and can change within hours. With the cold and the wind it can easily be between -5 and -10°C in May/June, and down to 25-30° C below zero during the winter.

The guides are responsible for the saftey of the participants, and will bring all necessary safety equipment.

Kart Østkysten Hundeslede

Price information

Shared tent NOK 29 990 per person

Single tent on request.

The prices includes
Outdoor clothing as mittens, facemask/balaclava, thick hat, goggles, winter shoes and thermal suit. Meals during the trip, shared equipment, tent, sleeping mats, sleeping bag and experienced guide with all necessary safety equipment, as well as search and rescue insurance. Transport to and from accomodation.

The prices do not include
Airfare, accommodation and meals in Longyearbyen, beverages, personal travel insurance, clothing and equipment.

Equipment list - Dog sledding safari

See what you need to bring for this tour. In addition we will provide the following equipment:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Warm winter boots
  • Thermo suit
  • Warm mittens
  • Balaclava
  • Thick hat
  • Snow goggles
  • Thermos

Note: Pack in plastic bags and bring extra plastic bags, as the equipment may become wet during the tour. Remember to bring extra bags.

Maps that cover the expedition

  • C9 Adventdalen
  • D9 Agardhfjellet
  • C10 Braganzavågen

Weather conditions for the period

  • Temperature can be approx. -10ºC to + 5°C
  • Midnight sun
  • Low temperatures often come with fine weather
  • Cold wind from the glaciers is normal


Day 1


The guide will pick you up at your accommodation. We begin our preparation for the expedition, take part in a safety briefing, prepare the sleds and meet the friendly dogs. Each member will be allocated their own team of 5-6 dogs. We help each other to harness the dogs to the sleds.

We will head east through Advent Valley, then north into Eskerdalen and Sassendalen, where we set up the first camp. During the first day we will take the time to familiarise ourselves with the dogs and the equipment. All participants are requested to participate in setting up the camp and feeding the dogs. After an unforgettable day we snuggle up in our sleeping bags while the dogs surrounds the camp and keep watch for polar bears.

Day 2

The day starts with a solid breakfast before we pack down the camp. Our journey continues through the magnificent Arctic landscape, with only the sound of our sleds in the snow, just like the early polar explorers. The route heads through Fulmardalen, passing glaciers and hilly terrain on the way towards the thrilling east coast. Each participant will be instilled with an amazing sense of freedom. By the late afternoon the guide will select an area for the next campsite, and you will realise that you are already getting the hang of the end of day routines.

Day 3-4

On the east coast we have a good chance of seeing ring seals and the "King of the Arctic", the polar bear. We plan to spend some time here, to increase our chances of seeing wildlife. From the east coast the expedition continues across glaciers, through huge valleys and past magnificent mountain scenery. Your dog-sledding abilities will develop rapidly over this time, and you will come to appreciate our four-legged friends for the way they work, and see how affectionate these strong and mighty dogs are. By the end of the day we arrive at our last campsite.

Day 5

In the afternoon/early evening we will reach the kennel, welcomed by the howling dogs. After five fantastic days it is time to say goodbye to your four-legged friends. 

Call +47 7902 6100 or book your trip
Price: NOK 29 990
NOK 29 990

5 days

Degree of difficulty

3- Average physical fitness


30. April - 4th of May

7th - 11th of May


Minimum 4 persons
Maximum 6 persons 

Minimum age

16 years



call us +47 79 02 61 00
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