Three day expedition with dogsledge NOK 12900

Three day expedition with dogsledge

Mush your way to Spitsbergen Expedition Lodge in Brentskaret. You'll visit a beautiful ice cave, and spend a night in our cosy Foxdalen cabin on the way there.

Three day expedition with dogsledge

This three day expedition will give you a uniquely Arctic experience; travelling through the endless white in total silence. We will pick you up at the hotel 9.00 and take you with car to Green Dog in Bolterdalen, where you'll be suited up in winterdress (fullsize suit,winterboots,hat and mittens) and the guide will give you an introduction to dogsledding before we head off. Everybody will help harnessing the dogs and tie them to the sledge. The guide will drive in front with one or two guests on her sledge and the rest of the group will follow, two people on each sledge. Before we head out, the dogs will be very eager to go, but as soon as we've departed,you can enjoy the great silence , while viewing the fantastic nature of Svalbard. After about 2 hours mushing we will arrive at the ice cave.

Here we will enjoy lunch in a tent or a snow igloo (depending on the season), and the dogs will have a well-earned break and a snack. After lunch we will explore the ice cave that goes fare in to the glacier. With helmets and headlamps we descend into the cave. It is created during the summer, when meltwater runs through the glacier. During the winter this water freezes, creating fantastic channels and artistic ice crystals in the clear, still air inside the glacier. No matter what the temperature outside, the cave is at a steady -2°C.

Cosy outdoors

After a tour within the glacier we will experience the exhileration of downhill mushing through the moraine and out through Bolterdalen. We will continue towards Foxdalen where our cosy little cabin awaits. Once the fire takes off in the oven the temperature will rise quickly while we feed the dogs. If the northern lights or the beauty of the surrounds don’t keep us outside, then we will spend a cosy evening inside enjoying good food, the warm fireplace and interesting mushing stories until it is time to creep into our sleeping bags. Sleeping bags, groundsheets and food are provided for you.

The following morning we will harness the dogs again and set off towards Jansonhaugen and the excited and varied terrain that is found in that area. The wide,beautiful Adventvalley will decrease and we will see the mountains even closer as we follow the frozen riverbed into the land. Maybe we will stop for lunch, at the frozen waterfall north of Eskerdalen.

Unforgettable experiences

The goal for the day is Spitsbergen Expedition Lodge, a new and well-equipped cabin which is beautifully located in Brentskaret. From the cabin we can enjoy the wild landscape– a snow-covered universe where hunters and trappers have lived and hunted throughout history.

The lodge is cosy with four bedrooms, a simple bathroom, gas cooking facilities in the kitchen and a great fireplace. We will stay here for the nights. The next day we'll sled west. We will plan the day after weather and conditions, and try to make a detour in to Eskerdalen. The dogs are happy being on trail and we'll get to know each dogs and its personality,during the trip.  Upon returning to Green Dog, our guide will drive us back to town and we'll be  at our hotels between 15:00 and 18:00.

How demanding is the tour?

Our expeditions are always led by experienced guides, and the polar bears will be kept away by the dogs.

You do not need to have experience in dog sledding. No previous winter camping experience is required, just an adventurous spirit! However, you should be in average good physical condition to participate on this trip. The participants will be asked to help out with the camp, feeding of the dogs, preparations for the trips etc.

The weather in the Arctic can change within hours and it might be both cold and windy - even down to -5 to -10° C in May and June.

The guide will take care of the guest's safety, and will bring all necessary safety equipment.

Price information

Price departures NOK 12 900 per person

The prices includes
Outdoor clothing as mittens, facemask/balaclava, thick hat, goggles, winter shoes and thermal suit. Meals during the trip, shared equipment and experienced guide with all necessary safety equipment, as well as search and rescue insurance. Transport to and from place of accommodation in Longyearbyen.

The prices do not include
Airfare, accommodation and meals in Longyearbyen, beer, wine and mineral water, personal travel insurance, clothing and equipment.


Equipment list - Dogsled safari

See what you need to bring for this tour. In addition we will provide the following equipment:

  • Warm winter boots
  • Thermo suit
  • Balaclava
  • Warm headwear
  • Ski goggles
  • Guide
  • Dogs
  • Sleds

Bedclothes are provided at the Spitsbergen Expedition Lodge.

Note: Pack in plastic bags and bring extra plastic bags, as the equipment may become wet during the tour. Remember to take extra bags.


Day 1

The expedition starts from the hotel, where you will be collected and then driven to the dog yard, about 10 km into Advent Valley. There we will change into warm winter clothing, before the guide gives you an introduction to dogsledding. Everyone will help to harness the dogs and prepare the sleds before we head out into the wilderness. We will head to the ice cave in Scott Turner Glacier, then head down to the cabin at Foxdalen for dinner and a good night's sleep.

Day 2

The next day we will head through Advent Valley to Brentskaret, where the Spitsbergen Expedition Lodge awaits. The stage will be adapted to the weather and snow conditions. The dogs will be excited to be out in the wilderness, and we will become more familiar with their individual characters. In the afternoon we will return to the lodge, and find that after enjoying the magical light and landscape outside, an evening in comfortable surroundings is just what the doctor ordered. Everyone will help to unharness and feed the dogs before we enjoy a hot meal and cosy evening in the warm cabin. After so many new experiences and a whole lot of fresh Arctic air, we are bound to get a good night's sleep!

Day 3

On the last day we will head towards Longyearbyen. We will take a different route then day one, and we will stop by a cabin in Foxdalen to eat a light lunch. The last stage takes us back to the dog yard, where we say good bye to our four legged friends. You will be back at the hotel at around 3:30 pm.

Call +47 7902 6100 or book your trip
Price: NOK 12900
NOK 12900

2 nights, 3 days

Degree of difficulty

3 - Average physical fitness


11., 14., 18., 21., 25., 28. January
1., 4., 8., 11., 15., 18., 22., 25. February
1., 4., 8., 11., 15., 18., 22., 25., 29. March
1., 5., 8., 12., 15., 19., 22., 26., 29. April
3., 6., 10., 13., 17., 20. May


Minimum 2 persons.
Maximum 5 persons.

Minimum age

12 years.

Online booking

call us +47 79 02 61 00
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