Hiking with pack dog NOK 2995

Hiking with pack dog

This is the extended version of the Foxfonna hike! We pick you up at your hotel and take you to our dog yard , which is located 10 km from Longyearbyen. Here our 4 legged friends will be waiting, eager to join us on the expedition.

Into the wilderness

By foot we continue towards the Foxfonna glacier and cross over the lower part. Along the way, we'll pass by great antennas, which are located here since this specific area is very fit for northern lights observations and scientific measurements.

We cross over the mountain and continue towards the innerpart of Fox valley. To descent to the river at the bottom, we hike in different stages until we reach the riverbed. Here we find 5-10 meters vertical slate formations and theres good chances of finding fossils. We often see many ptarmigan and reindeer in Fox valley, since all motorized transport is illegal, not many visitors come by. If possible, we will cross the river before heading to the small trappers cabin, in which we'll stay overnight.

We've brought steaks in our backpacks for the bbq and we spend a cozy evening with a bbq or bonfire and a glass of red wine. After a good sleep and a solid breakfast, it is time to explore Advent valley. We hike along the mountain towards Camp Barentz and cross several small streams along the way. In this area , we often observe ptarmigans and reindeer as well. Camp Barentz is a copy of William Barentz' old trapping cabin, built 1596 at Novaja Semlja. We have a quick look at the buildings, before we leave Adventvalley and cross over to Boltervalley.

In Boltervalley, several dog kennels are located and all together there are more than 300 dogs. The dogs keep the foxes away from the area, and this creates a unique place for geese and other birds to nest. We hike a bit into the valley, before we head up to the Green Dog kennel. Before we return to Longyearbyen, we meet the puppies and enjoy a well deserved soft drink.


The hike on day 1 is around 12 km and day 2 around 8 km. We start picking guests up in town 10.30 am and you will be returned day 2 approximately 3 pm.

The hike is rated as medium and for experienced hikers in good, physical condition. The terrain is varied and we cross several streams. There are no paths so remember good hiking boots, wind and waterproof clothing, hats and gloves, and a back pack. This should be part of your personal equipment that you must bring.

The cabin is equiped with matresses, sleeping bags and kitchen utentils. Green Dog provides full catering. Note that all participants are expected to carry their own food.

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Price: NOK 2995
NOK 2995

NOK 2995


2 days and 1 night

Day 1 about 12 km walking
Day 2 about 8 km walking


Minimum 2 people
Maximum 5 people 

Age limit

12 years


July and August

Online booking

call us +47 79 02 61 00

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