Spitsbergen Isfjorden Kayak Expedition NOK 17990

Spitsbergen Isfjorden Kayak Expedition

When the Inuit stepped into his qajaq, it was to hunt. The word’s original meaning was man boat or hunting boat. Today however the word is not associated with hunting. The kayak is an ideal mode of transport in the Arctic. With little experience you can efficiently make you way through some of the world’s most amazing natural landscape.

To the sound of your own paddle strokes

For safety reasons, as we are in the midst of nature, we bring the rifle. Spitsbergen Isfjorden Kayak expedition is a six day long journey on the island’s largest fjord. Isfjorden stretches 107 kilometres towards the centre of Spitsbergen, and in order to avoid most of the boat traffic the expedition is plotting its course along the north-western side of the fjord.

With its many inlets and seven mighty glacier fronts this is an alluring universe. The silence is overpowering, only broken by your paddle strokes and nature’s own sounds. A curious seal maybe, the noise of hatching sea birds or the amazing sound of glaciers cracking and calving.

Mighty glaciers, exciting flora, fascinating history

During six days we visit a wide range of exciting destinations in the Isfjorden area. We decide the length of our paddle ourselves, and each day will be like a new expedition.

Isfjorden is the largest fjord in Spitsbergen, and the fjord expands 107 km into the land. Isfjorden has a vast number of smaller fjord arms, starting out in the west with Trygghamna ending Tempelfjorden in the east and Ekmanfjorden up north.

On this kayak expedition we focus on the northern parts of Isfjorden. Here there are fewer boats, and here we’ll also paddle past huge glacial faces, with Sveabreen as the largest and most spectacular. The area is rich on birdlife, and also has an exciting flora and a fascinating history. Several places we can study cultural remains from both mining and exploration, as well as from hunting and trappers life.

We will start our kayak expedition on the northern side, in Yoldiabukta. Transport across the fjord will be by open and sturdy Polar circle boats.

Our aim for the expedition is to reach Dicksonfjorden and Kapp Smith. From here we will be brought back to the civilization and Longyearbyen by Polarcirkle boat on Saturday afternoon.

Please note that the route and program may change due to weather and wind conditions. However, our Polarcirkle boats will pick us up wherever we decide to stop, and we have a free hand planning our legs and route.

How demanding is Isfjorden Kayak Expedition?

This trip requires the participants to be physically fit (no back, neck, arm or wrist problems), and previous paddling experience is an advantage. You must be aware that the weather can change quickly, and that the sea might be relative rough due to the wind and waves. Temperature in the water is around 2-4 °C.

We use both single kayaks and steady double kayaks on this expedition. There are a set number of kayaks, so participants must be prepared to alternate between paddling single and double. Our guides are experienced kayak paddlers and will at all times ensure the groups safety.  If the weather is difficult we will go trekking in the beautiful area surrounding the camps.

Participants will be asked to assist with the polar bear watch during the night.

Price information

Shared tent NOK 16 990 per person

Single tent is not available.

The prices include
Kayaks and equipment for paddling, meals during the trip and beverages at the campsite, shared equipment, tent, sleeping mats, and experienced guide with all necessary safety equipment, as well as search and rescue insurance. Transport to/from the start point of the trip.

The prices do not include
Airfare, accommodation, meals and beverages in Longyearbyen, sleeping bag, personal travel insurance, clothing and equipment.

Equipment list - Spitsbergen Kayak

See what you need to bring for this tour. In addition we will provide the following equipment:

  • Tent 
  • Sleeping mats
  • Shared equipment for the camps
  • Cooking equipment
  • Provisions
  • Kayak
  • Kayak paddles
  • Spray skirts
  • Life vests
  • Dry suit
  • Water shoes for paddling
  • Mittens for paddling
  • Waterproof bags for gear needed in the kayaks

Pack in plastic bags and bring extra plastic bags, as the equipment may become wet during the tour.

Maps covering the expedition

  • B8 St.Jonsfjorden
  • B7 Tre Kronor
  • C8 Billefjorden

Weather conditions for the period

  • Average temperature approx. 5ºC
  • Temperature in the sea approx. 2-4ºC
  • Daylight around the clock
  • Normally very little rain, but fog and low clouds are usual – especially early in the period
  • Cold wind is usual


Day 1 - Monday
We will pick you up at your hotel at 9 am. Briefing, preparations and packing of equipment, before the tour starts. Transport to Yoldiabukta with Polarcirkel boats.

Yoldiabukta is sheltered from weather and wind, and is the perfect location for going through safety procedures and doing basic training. Our first night will be spent here, where we can enjoy the fantastic view towards the Wahlenberg Glacier.

Day 2 - Tuesday
Today we start the expedition in earnest. We plan to pass Wahlenberg and Svea glaciers. We will meet the biggest icebergs on the trip, and pass the highest glacier front. We cross the fjord in secure distance to the mighty glacier front, before we set up our next camp on the north side of Svea glacier. When we are lucky we can listen to the glacier calving in the midnight sun. 

Day 3 to 4 - Wednesday to Thursday
From magnificent glacier landscapes to the green and lush Ekmanfjord. Here, in the inner part of Isfjorden, we find an interesting area for paddling as well as a wide range of beautiful places to stretch our legs on land.

Day 5 - Friday
From the inner part of Ekmanfjorden we round Kapp Wærn and head on towards Kapp Smith. Across the fjord we can see one of the few remaining active trapper stations left on Spitsbergen today.

Day 6 - Saturday
The day is spent in the Kapp Smith area, investigating the beautiful surroundings. Here we will be collected for our return to Longyearbyen, where will arrive after lunch.

The route will be reversed on second and fourth departure.


  • All times are subject to change.
  • The travel schedule will be altered should the weather conditions deem it necessary.
  • The tempo of the expedition will be adapted to the conditions and the participant’s physical strength.
Call +47 7902 6100 or book your trip
Price: NOK 17990
NOK 17990

6 days

Degree of difficulty

3- Average to good physical fitness.


10th - 15th June 2019
17th - 22nd June 2019
Registration deadline: 6th May 2019


Minimum 4 persons
Maximum 12 persons

Minimum age

18 years



call us +47 79 02 61 00
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