Spitsbergen Two Summits Ski Expedition NOK 30990

Spitsbergen Two Summits Ski Expedition

An elleven day expedition to the highest mountains of Svalbard: Newtontoppen (1 712 meters) and Perriertoppen (1 710 meters). We ski across glaciers in the heart of Spitsbergen with alpine peaks.

Summits with a view

The Svalbard winter is breathtaking. In April and May the climate and conditions are perfect for a ski trip in the Arctic wilderness. At this time of year, we will benefit from the 24 hour daylight from the midninght sun. We can choose to ski night or day. The first day in Longyearbyen will be spent packing, checking equipment, getting used to the tent and the cooking equipment.

Transport to Lomonosovfonna
The tour is an advanced ski expedition through the mountains and glaciers of northeast Spitsbergen. One of our aims is to reach the summit of the Newtontoppen, Svalbard's highest mountain. The transportation from Longyearbyen to the starting point of Lomosovfonna is by snowmobile or tracked vehicle. From Lomonosovfonna, we will continue across the glaciers on skis, carrying all the equipment we need on pulks. Expedition leaders will be carrying the necessary safety and specialist equipment. There is no fixed itinerary for the tour; the party and the weather conditions will determine the route and pace.

Towards Newtontoppen
The distance from the starting point to the Newtontoppen is around 30 km. Participants need to be fit and used to skiing in mountainous areas. You should have some experience of winter camping. We usually reach the Newtontoppen after two or three days of skiing.

Overwhelming view
The final stage of the expedition before we reach the summit is steep, but does not require climbing skills. The view from the top is fantastic. To the northwest we see Austfjorden and the mighty Atom fjella. To the northeast, we see towards Nordaustlandet.

Day by day program

Day 1 - Tuesday

We start the day at 10:00 am with an expedition briefing, preparation and packing for the expedition. We'll go through gear and instructions for use of cooking gear, sleds, ski equipment, tent, food and drinks. Accommodation at Coal Miners' Cabins is included.

Day 2 - Wednesday

Breakfast starts at 7:00 am and check-out is at 10:00 am. Our guide will meet you at Coal Miners' Cabins with transportation from Longyearbyen to the starting point of the trip. This transportation leg is approximately 110km.

Day 3 to 11 - Thursday to Friday

We hope to reach the summit of Newtontoppen after two to three days of skiing. Newtontoppen can be climbed on skis or by foot. The last stretch before we top out is steep, but no climbing experience is required. The view from top will take your breath away! To the northwest you will see Austfjorden, Wijdefjorden and the spectacular Atom mountains. To the northeast you will see the isolated Nordaustlandet.

We then head towards Perriertoppen, which is Svalbard's second highest mountain with its 1710 meters above sea level. This peak is more alpine and can not be climbed on skis. Here we may have to use crampons, but no ropes or other climbing gear is required. We can only reach the summit of Perriertoppen if the snow conditions are safe. This may not always be the case, but we will make an attempt to summit. We are now at the heart of the stunning alpine area called Atomfjella on Svalbard.

Day 12 - Saturday

This is the last day of the expedition. Snowmobiles will take us back to Longyearbyen. In the evening we meet for a farewell dinner. Accommodation at Coal Miners' Cabins is included.

Day 13 - Sunday

This is the last day on Svalbard. Depending on your flight departure, you can sleep in and enjoy a nice breakfast before you head out.

  • All times are subject to change.
  • The travel schedule will be altered should the weather conditions deem it necessary.
  • The tempo of the expedition will be adapted to the conditions and the participant’s physical strength.

Maps that cover the expedition

  • C8 Billefjorden
  • C7 Dicksonfjorden
  • C6 Austfjorden
  • D8 Negribreen

  • D7 Hinlopenbreen
  • D6 Vaigattbogen

Price information

The price includes
Accommodation in Longyearbyen, meals during the trip and farewell dinner in Longyearbyen, shared equipment, tent, sleeping mats, and experienced guide with all necessary safety equipment, as well as search and rescue insurance. Transport to and from the starting point of the trip.

You share tent with another person. Singel tent on request.

The price does not include
Airfare, beverages, sleeping bag, skis, personal travel insurance, clothing and equipment.

How demanding is Spitsbergen Two Summits Ski Expedition?

This expedition requires the participants to be physically fit, as we cover 15 - 20 km every day pulling sleds with our equipment. Every participant should be an experienced skier and be familiar with camping outdoors in tents during winter. Please note that weather on Svalbard is unpredictable. Wind and temperature can change quickly.

We form two team who will each get a sled. The sleds have equipment such as tents, portable stoves, food and fuel for everyone for the whole trip. The sleds weigh about 20 kg each. In addition you will have your personal equipment which can be carried in a backpack or packed in a sled. Participants are expected to help setting up camp, cooking and do a polar bear watch if this is necessary due to our geographical location.

Weather conditions in April/May

  • Average temperature is -10º C
  • We may have temperatures down to -25º C
  • Daylight around the clock
  • Cold winds are common

Equipment list for our ski expeditions

See what you need to bring for this tour. In addition we will provide the following equipment:

  • Insulating mats
  • Shared equipment for the camps
  • Cooking equipment
  • Provisions
  • Polkas and harnesses
  • Snow shovels
  • Glacier safety equipment  
  • Camping stove
  • Fuel


Pack in plastic bags – bring extra plastic bags, as the equipment may become wet during the tour.

Call +47 7902 6100 or book your trip
Price: NOK 30 990
NOK 30 990

13 days

Degree of difficulty

5 - Great physical fitness. The participants must be in excellent physical condition and have experience with similiar expeditions in the past.


23rd of April - 5th of May 2019
Registration deadline: 11th March 2019

Minimum 4 persons
Maximum 12 persons
Minimum age

18 years old



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