Snowmobile to Svea 9995,-

Snowmobile to Svea

For the first time ever, tourists on Svalbard can experience the historical coalmine society of Sveagruva. Join us on a 2-day snowmobile trip to the remote mining town Svea!

Let the adventure begin...

We'll be in the kingdom of the polar bear and visit an outpost for coal mining. The adventure begins. Lying in the head of Van Mijenfjorden, Svea is located 60 kilometers southeast of Longyearbyen, the capital of Svalbard, but due to the geology and adverse climate, there are no roads connecting the two places. We will use snowmobiles to travel to and from Svea, just as the miners did when commuting to Svea during winter season. On day two we head east towards the east coast of Spitsbergen before turning west again heading for Longyearbyen.

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In the heyday of coal mining, up to 350 miners worked in Svea. Today, the situation has changed due to lower coal prices, and the mining machines stand still. The lack of industrial activity provides a new and unique opportunity to visit what was earlier a closed community. During the visit to Svea, you will be able to gain an insight into day to day life in this isolated outpost, and enjoy a hearty lunch in the messhall, before we head back into the wilderness.

Day program

Day 1


10:00. You will be picked up from your accommodation site by our guide. After an introduction and briefing about our journey this day we will head out on snowmobiles for the trip to Svea. Arrival in Svea we will find our accommodation and get settled in. After settling in, we will travel to Rindersbukta with our snowmobiles to visit Paulaglacier and maybe spot wildlife. After the trip, we will have dinner in the miners dining hall.

Day 2


After breakfast we pack our sleds and set off east. If the weather allows, the route takes us along the Agardh Valley, over the glaciers to Fulmarvalley and through the wide valley Sassen before arriving Longyearbyen.

Information about the snowmobile tour

This tour is an expedition for adventurous souls. You must be prepared to spend long days on the snowmobile, and it is important that all participants have good physical health (no back, neck, arm or wrist problems).  Adjustments will be made to route should weather conditions find it necessary.

The weather can change quickly, and at times the wind and the cold can be quite severe.The temperature can drop dramatically, to -30. 

The snowmobiles are comfortable to drive, and the handlebar grips are heated. Before setting out, the tour leader will give you a basic introduction to the driving techniques. We start at a moderate speed so that everybody can become accustomed to snowmobile driving. Even though all our snowmobiles can carry two persons we strongly recommend that all members of the party drive their own snowmobile. It is harder to manoeuvre the snowmobile with a passenger, and due to inactivity passengers may become cold on longer trips. 

Total driving distance will be up to 250km. Please note that a current driver’s licence is required.


Safety is priority

Several of Hurtigruten Svalbard's guides have done the Arctic Nature Guide study and most are also authorized Svalbard Guide, through the Svalbard Guide Education (SGO). The SGO education contains the basic requirements for safe travels in Svalbard Arctic nature. It contains training that the Svalbard Tourist Destination and the authorities in relation to the Svalbard guideline's general knowledge of the archipelago, field safety and understanding of environmental and cultural values. In addition, our guides have training within our company throughout the year. We want you to have fun when you are driving, but safety is number 1 priority.


1. Suitable for all. 2. Suitable for most without any snowmobile experience, very easy and flat terrain. Distance up to 40 kilometers. 3. Suitable for most without any snowmobile experience, through some rugged terrain. Distance up to 160 kilometers. 4. Previous snowmobile experience recommended, long day trips up to 180 kilometers. 5. For those with previous snowmobile experience, very long day trips more than 180 kilometers.

Driving license:

You will need a valid driving license for either car or motor cycle to drive a snowmobile. Make sure to bring this along for the entire duration of the trip.

Alcohol Prohibition:

Driving under the influence of alcohol will not be accepted.

What's included?

Meals and accommodation during the trip, shared equipment, snowmobile with required equipment, snowmobile clothing, petrol, and experienced guide with all necessary safety equipment, as well as search and rescue insurance..


We recommend you to wear warm underwear, warm outer pants and a wool sweater under the snowmobile suit. We also recommend that you have extra clothes in your backpack. Eg. extra sweater, hat and gloves.

Call +47 7902 6100 or book your trip
Price: NOK 9995,-
NOK 9995,-

Adult: NOK 9995
Children: NOK 4995

Duration and distance

2 days
250 km 

Degree of difficulty

4 - previous snowmobiling ecperience recommended.

Travelling time

Every Friday after 15th of February


Minimum 2 snowmobiles.

Minimum age:
16 years. 


call us +47 79 02 61 00

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