Spitsbergen Winter Safari NOK 15995,-

Spitsbergen Winter Safari

Three days on a guided snowmobile trip in a landscape you won't find anywhere else on the planet. Experience mighty glaciers and snow-covered mountain peaks in the Arctic backcountry. This is a trip of a lifetime.

Experience the Arctic backcountry on a snowmobile

We head out. We'll be gone from civilisation for three days. Glaciers, frozen fjords, mountains - you'll be able to experience the best of Svalbard in a few, but memorable, days.

After April 19th, the midnight sun will make sure that we can enjoy 24-hour of light. Enjoy a sense of freedom where you can do anything anytime while you drive across the white plains in the Arctic backcountry.

It's pretty easy to drive a snowmobile, but to go on long trips on Svalbard, you need a lot of local expertise and to plan well in advance. Our guides are among the most experienced in Svalbard. They take responsibility of all the practical details of the trip, and they are also responsible for your safety during this expedition.

Day to day program

Day 1

The guide will pick you up at your hotel at 10:00 am. There will be a information meeting with briefing, preparation and packing of equipment before the trip starts.

We start the expedition from Longyearbyen to Barentsburg. We'll enjoy lunch outdoors. We arrive in the afternoon and check in to our hotel. There'll be a guided tour around town before we eat dinner together in the evening.

Day 2

After breakfast, we pack our sleds and head out in the Arctic backcountry. We drive along the fjord to the wide and open Reindalen before we head towards our Spitsbergen Expedition Lodge in Brentskaret. The expedition guide will serve lunch and prepare dinner in the evening when we return to the lodge. In the evening you can rest and recover in our sauna.

Day 3

Depending on the weather, we'll head to the East Coast. This is the area where we have the most sightings of polar bears hunting seal on the sea ice. If we're lucky, we'll see the King of the Arctic from a safe distance with our binoculars. If the weather does not permit a trip to the East Coast, we'll head to the mighty Tuna glacier in Tempelfjorden. We'll return to Longyearbyen in the afternoon.

How demanding is this expedition?

This is a trip for the adventurous ones. You must be prepared to spend long days on a snowmobile. It is important that all participants are in good physical condition and have no problems with their back, neck, arms or wrists.

The weather is changing rapidly. We must be prepared for all weather conditions. The snowmobiles are comfortable, they give us some protection from the headwind. Heating is installed on the steering wheel.

Before we leave, the tour guides will give a basic introduction to driving a snowmobile. We start in a slow pace so everyone can get used to driving a snowmobile. Our snowmobiles can take up to two people - one driver and one passenger - but we recommend that everyone have their own snowmobile. It's easier to drive with just yourself on the snowmobile. Also, on long trips like this one it can get quite cold to be the passenger.

To drive a snowmobile you must have a license for a car, motorcycle or snowmobile.

What's included in the price?

The following is not included:

Flights, accommodation, meals in Longyearbyen, beverages, personal travel insurance, clothing and equipment.

Equipment list for Spitsbergen Winter Safari

Check out the complete equipment list for our expeditions.

Maps of the expedition

You can purchase the following maps in our hotels or equipment stores on Svalbard:
  • B9 Adventdalen

  • B10 Van Mijenfjorden

  • C9 Adventdalen

  • C8 Billefjorden

  • D9 Agardhfjellet

  • D8 Negribreen

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Price: NOK 15995
NOK 15995
Cost for passengers

NOK 8595 per passenger


3 days.

Degree of difficulty

4 - Above average physical fitness, and snowmobiling experience recommended.


7th - 9th of March 2019
14th - 16th of March 2019
21nd - 23rd of March 2019
28th - 30th of March 2019
4th - 6th of April 2019

Equipment list

Minimum 4 people
Maximum 10 people

Minimum age:
16 years. 


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