Svalbard snowkite expedition camp 2018

Svalbard snowkite expedition camp 2018

Join Kari Schibevaag and her crew on an expedition driven by the Arctic wind!

Raw Arctic nature

Join us for snow kiting on Svalbard with base in our cozy lodge about 30 km outside Longyearbyen.

This is a 5-day adventure in varied terrain with several possibilities. We use snowmobiles to get to the lodge, and snowmobiles will be available to transport us to locations if there is not enough wind to start kiting from the lodge. You can choose between sleeping comfortable in the lodge, or experience the true expedition feeling sleeping in a tent in the raw arctic nature. This gives us endless opportunities for great kiting trips with the guides from Green Wind and Hurtigruten Svalbard. The guides will teach you the skills needed for kite expeditions. They also have the responsibility for the security of the camp participants.

The guides from Green Wind know the terrain in the area well. They conducted a kite expedition from South to North on Svalbard in 2017.  

World champion in snow kiting, Kari Schibevaag, is one of the guides, and she will teach you world class kiting skills. With her on the team is Tom Magne Jonassen and Jørgen Faksvåg, both experienced snow kiters, whom are really looking forward to guide you in the Svalbard wilderness. 

Kite Svalbard


Day 1 – Wednesday:

Arrival Longyearbyen. Pick up at the airport. Information meeting with the guides from Green Wind, review and equipment pickup and shopping. Accommodation at Coal Miners Cabins (dinner not included). Theme of the day: Packing list

Day 2 – Thursday:

Breakfast and lunch pack.

Equipment not to be brought on the trip can be stored in the hotel's suitcase room.

10:00 AM: Brief on snowmobiles and what to wear – Hurtigruten Svalbard. At our tour production department, the guide will hold an information meeting. We will go through mandatory personal equipment and make the latest preparations. If necessary, personal purchases can be done here before departure. Departure to Spitsbergen Expedition Lodge, about 30 km. Arrival at the lodge. We reorganize. The plan is to do an afternoon trip to familiarize ourselves with the area before enjoying a nice dinner at the lodge. Possibility to sleep in tent outside the lodge.

Theme of the day: How to dress in the Arctic climate? How to move with a kite in Svalbard – and kiting with a sled.


Day 3 – Friday:

During breakfast, we also make lunch packs and fill our thermos with hot drinks for a long day outside. The guides plan todays kite trip with sled after the weather and wind conditions and based of the physical condition of the group. After a nice trip, we come back to the lodge. Here you can enjoy the sauna before dinner. You can sleep outside in a tent outside the lodge if you want to.

Theme of the day: Expedition life and tent camp

Day 4 – Saturday:

During breakfast, we also make lunch packs and fill our thermos with hot drinks for a long day outside. The guides plan todays kite trip with sled after the weather and wind conditions and based of the physical conditions of the group.

Theme of the day: Learn to kite with a sled and move around in Svalbard.

Departure for Longyearbyen in the afternoon. Arrival around 6 pm. Closing dinner at Coal Miners at 8 pm. Accommodation at Coal Miners Cabins.


Day 5 – Sunday:

Breakfast. Possible with a short activity – for example ice caves. The activity can be bought at the reception. Possible departure for the main land.

Green Wind brings along expedition equipment for those who want to try kite with a sled during the camp or test their equipment. There will also be good deals available from the suppliers. It is important that those who want to sleep in tents clarify this in advance of the camp. Be aware that times can be subject to change. The programme can be changed and adjusted along the way if weather and conditions make it necessary. The pace through the camp will be adapted to the conditions and the participants' physical strength.


Skills and shape


Kiting in such isolated areas demands some skills in advance from the participant in order to be able to complete in a good and secure way. It is a requirement that participants master kiting on snow and can endure in the cold Arctic climate.

Physical shape


The day sessions will vary and are adapted to snow and weather conditions, and to the participants' wishes and prerequisites. Normally we are out 8 hours a day. The day trips will have a relatively slow pace to be able to enjoy the surroundings. However, it is expected that the participants are used to kiting and know how to ski.


Three days in a cabin with like-minded hiking friends provides great opportunities. The guides will ensure that the participants experience good kiting in a safe environment. The main goal with the expedition camp is to see Svalbard with a kite, learn about arctic conditions, and learn a little about the expedition life and show Svalbard from its best side. We always chase the best snow and the wind conditions.


How demanding is the expedition?

It is expected that the participants have snow kiting skills, have experience with outdoors activities in winter time and have good skiing skills. We have snowmobiles available to be able to move around if the wind conditions demand it. Be aware that the weather can change quickly and that it can be very cold. The participants will be divided in teams of four people and each team get on sled. The sleds are packed with common equipment that will be used during the day. The sled can easily weigh up to 70 kg. You can also pack personal equipment in your own backpack.


Green Wind has following equipment:

  • X-trem tent from Helsport and three kite sleds from Norpulken
  • Hurtigruten Svalbard has following equipment:
  • Common equipment for the lodge, food and fuel.
  • Personal equipment:
  • For the trip, you will need skiing equipment suited for kiting in rough terrain. Alpine randonee skis or powerfull «Telemark» skiis. Splitboard can work if you are used to that. Snowboard and snow shoes is not reccomended. 
  • It is an advantage if you have tested the ski equipment in advance, but make sure it is not worn out. Personal safety equipment (shovel, avalanche search and rescue equipment with sender/receiver, search pole) is mandatory.
  • Skiis middle width of 83-95 mm is most suitable given weight and snow conditions.
  • Bindings Tech bindings is sensible
  • Poles easy adjustable poles with midle sized trinse.
  • Skins Not nessessary
  • Skarejern Not nessessary. 
  • If you are unsure about anything about your personal equipment, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • 2 kites between 5 and 12 m2. One for a gentle wind and one for heavy wind. 
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Facemask
  • Sender/receiver with extra batteries.
  • Showel
  • Search equipment
  • Backpack – preferably one that holds about 30 liters and sits well on the back
  • Ski jacket (wind and water proof in breathing materiale)
  • Ski pants (wind and water proof in breathing materiale)
  • Warm hat
  • Scarf or fleece/wool neck
  • 1 pair of glowes
  • 1 pair of wind proof mittens
  • 1 pair wool mittens (to wear inside the wind proof mittens)
  • 1 set of long underwear in wool (top and bottom, wool is recommended – Devold for example)
  • 1 extra wool shirt (for change during the trips)
  • Warm wool sweater or fleece sweater/jacket
  • 2 pairs of warm wool socks
  • Down jacket or primaloft
  • Drink bottle
  • Small thermos
  • Sunglasses
  • Goggles
  • Sunscreen 
  • If you want to sleep outside in a tent:
  • Sleeping bag designed for temperatures down to -30 ° C with comfort zone at -20 ° C.
  • Thermarest or other inflatable sleeping pad (if you want a thicker sleeping pad)
  • 1 pair bivuakk shoes (for use in the tent to keep your feet warm)
  • Sleeping bag and thermos can be rented upon request
  • 1-2 changes of normal clothes for use in Longyearbyen before and after the trip. 
  • In addition we reccommend:
  • Comfortable clothes to wear in the lodge.
  • 1 pair indoor shoes or sandals
  • Toiletry bag with band aids and sports tape
  • Map and compass (can be bought in Longyearbyen or on
  • Binoculars
  • Something to read
  • Camera in waterproof case, extra memory card and battery charger
  • Cash to buy drinks at the lodge
  • It can also be nice to have a waterproof bag for dry change of clothes or an extra warm jacket to bring for the daytrips. 
Call +47 7902 6100 or book your trip

NOK 17 995

2nd – 6th of May 2018


Meals during the trip, common equipment, lodge / tent accommodation, sleeping pads, snowmobiles, snowmobile gear, experienced guides with necessary safety equipment and search and rescue insurance. Transport to and from the starting point of the hotel.


Minimum 4

Maximum 12

Age Limit

Age limit is 18 years.


3 days in the field, 5 days in total.

Difficulty level

4 – above average good physical strength.


call us +47 79 02 61 00

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