Arve Tvedt

Arve Tvedt

Arve is a certified mountain guide from Jostedalen.

Mountain Guide

Arve's first experiences with tourism and guiding were in 1982 on the Nigard Glacier, and in 1987 he was a founding member of Jostedalen Breførarrlag, now one of the oldest guide firms in Norway. Since 1987 he has worked fulltime as a guide, covering many areas including: glacier, skiing, climbing and trekking in Nepal. In 2007 Arve began a position in the North Sea as an access technician, or industrial climber, for Aak. After a while he found he missed the mountains and the tourists, and in 2010 returned to land based work. Arve was certified as a Mountain Guide with the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations in 1998. He has been a member of the Red Cross moutain rescue group since 1981, and later became a member of the Alpine rescue group.


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