Mads Hansen

Mads Hansen

Mads is from Lofoten in Norway - an area with spectucalur nature.

Dreaming about the Arctic

As long as he can remember, Mads has had a dream about Svalbard and a fascination about Arctic exploration. After having visited Svalbard, he finally realised the dream about living and working at 78 degrees north last summer. As a Svalbardian, Mads has been very active in the dog kennel and with the local Red Cross unit. Mads loves hunting, fishing as well as go backcountry skiing in the mountains around Longyearbyen. Mads started his career at Spitsbergen Travel as a snowmobile- and boat mechanic with us, but this year he's stepping out of the garage and workshop to work as a snowmobile guide. Mads is looking forward to meet you and share his passion and knowledge about the outdoors and Svalbard!


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