Northern lights cruise to Barentsburg NOK 1950

Northern lights cruise to Barentsburg

Join us on the worlds northernmost fjord-cruise towards Barentsburg, with a chance to experience natures own spectacular light show.

Search the sky

Svalbard is the only place you can experience the northern lights during the day. The daytime Aurora is more red than what we normally see. Not quite as easy for the human eye to notice, but bring your camera, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Soviet era

A warm lunch is served on the way to Barentsburg. Marinated whale meat, baked salmon and pork rib, is on the menu. Served with a pasta salad, rice and our own locally baked bread.

After about 3 hours we arrive in Barentsburg, the Russian settlement at Svalbard. The settlement counts about 400 people, but fully lit in the dark, it looks a lot bigger. The guide will lead us through the streets and share the history of this once quite large coal-mining town.

Depending on availability, there will be an opportunity to visit the local hotel, the local brewery, as well as the souvenir shop where unique Christmas presents from the top of the world can be purchased.


Heading back to town

On our trip back to Longyearbyen, we get another chance to spot the luminous, and hauntingly beautiful, ghostly dancers on the polar night skies .

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NOK 1950
Senior 1650
Children (2-15) NOK 1000
Children (0-2) Free


8-9 hours


Minimum 8
Maximum 50

Degree of difficulty

2 - Suitable for most


This tour includes transport from/ to accommodation, on board guide, lunch and guided tour in Barentsburg. 

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