Northern Lights cruise to the ghost town Pyramiden NOK 1950

Northern Lights cruise to the ghost town Pyramiden

Join us on the worlds northernmost fjord-cruise to the ghost town, Pyramiden, with a chance to experience natures own unique light-show.

Day-time Aurora Borealis

Svalbard is the only place in the world where it is possible to see the daytime northern lights. This is a more red northern light than what you usually can experience. This is not always easy for the human eye to observe, but the camera lens will capture this perfectly.

A warm lunch, straight from the barbeque, is served on the way to Pyramiden. Marinated whale meat, baked salmon and pork rib, is on the menu. Served with a pasta salad, rice and our own locally baked bread.

An abandoned city

After about 3 hours we arrive by Pyramiden, that is ranked high up on the list of the best ghost towns in the world.

If weather and ice-conditions allow, we will dock in Pyramiden, where our guide takes us through the abandoned town, and gives us a glimpse back in the history of Pyramiden.

On our trip back to Longyearbyen, we get another chance to spot the luminous, and hauntingly beautiful, ghostly dancers on the polar night skies .

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Price: NOK 1950
NOK 1950

NOK 1950
NOK 1750 for seniors
NOK 1150 for children under 16 years
NOK 850 for child two
Free for third child


8-9 hours


Minimum 8 people
Maximum 50 people 

Degree of difficulty

2 - suitable for most. Children must be accompanied by adult.


October and November


Hurtigruten Svalbard uses MS Langøysund on this trip. This tour includes transport to/from accommodation, on board guide, lunch and guided tour in Pyramiden.

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