Northern Lights Safari with snowmobile NOK 1945

Northern Lights Safari with snowmobile

Starry skies under a full moon. The Northern Lights lit up the Arctic landscape. Join us for an magical experience in the Polar Night!

A magical place

In the period between November 14 and January 29 each year, a remarkable phenomenon occurs on Svalbard - The Polar Night. During these weeks the sun is at least 6 degrees under the horizon and therefore never shines on Spitsbergen.

While the sun is hidden under the horizon, Longyearbyen becomes a magical place lit only by streetlamps, the northern lights and the moon which glitters in the snow. The atmosphere is completely unique, and as you soak in the mystical darkness you will know you are a long way from the beaten track. Don`t forget that during the Polar Night you have double the chance of seeing the Northern Lights!


Northern lights day and night

The reindeer kick in the snow to find their fodder, and the foxes slink around in the dark. We will stop and enjoy the scenery, and the guide will serve hot drinks and biscuits. During the stop we may be able to see the impressive Northern Lights, which, due to the Polar Night, are often visable during the daytime hours.

In Svalbard we can see dayside Aurora. This is Northern Lights that occur during the day. Typical features of the dayside aurora is that they are less intense than nightside aurora. This is because the particles that enter directly are slow and have less energy, than those coming in from the nightside. The dayside aurora appears green to the naked eye, but in reality it is red. However, the human eye is much less sensitive to red than green light, so seing the red light with the naked eye is very rare. Cameras, on the other hand, can capture it!

Northern lights


Meeting point: In front of the main entrance where you will be picked up. Driver`s licence for motorbike  or car is required to drive snowmobiles, and must be carried at all times.

This tour includes transport to/from hotels/guesthouse, briefing, snowmobile, fuel, snowmobile suit, boots, outer mittens, helmet, balaclava, hot drinks, biscuits, search and rescue insurance and a tour leader with all necessary safety equipment.

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Price: NOK 1945
NOK 1945

NOK 1945 adult
NOK 895 passenger

NOK 1995 adult
NOK 995 passenger


3 hours - 40 km distance

Age limit

8 years


November to January


Minimum 2 snowmobiles

Difficulty level

2 - suitable for most - without any snowmobile experience, easy and flat terrain

We require from participants that they must understand English or a Scandinavian language.

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