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At Funken Lodge, your northern lights adventure starts at the breakfast table! It will not take you long to realize why the hotel is number #1 on TripAdvisor’s list of hotels in Longyearbyen: here you’ll get amazing service, beautiful surroundings, delicious food and the city’s best views! The perfect setting for a northern lights fairy tale on Svalbard.


At Funken Lodge you’ll get modern comfort in historical surroundings. The hotel was originally built as an accommodation and dining area for employees of Store Norske Spitsbergen Coal Company. It was also the company’s official representational building, and its interior and architecture made it Longyearbyen’s grandest construction.

On the second floor at Funken Lodge you will find Funktionærmessen Restaurant. With the city’s best view, you can admire the northern lights, both while indulging in the delicious breakfast buffet and during a marvellous dinner with friends. On Svalbard, the phenomenon “polar night” occurs. Fra early November through to late January the sun is so far below the horizon that northern light can appear 24/7. And at Funken Lodge you have a front row seat to the natural green fireworks.

A class of its own

If you choose to stay at Funken Lodge it will be a vacation to write home about. Relax in the beautiful polar library, or the cosy lounge in front of the fireplace. Here you can make a deep dive into Arctic literature and return to Nansen and Amundsen's time. Perhaps you'll get inspiration for your own Arctic adventure?

At Funktionærmessen Restaurant we’re proud to offer you a unique dining experience. The menu is based on a sharing concept, and consists of generous portions that can be shared between friends and loved ones.

King crab from Finnmark, dry-aged meat and reindeer from the neighbourhood are among the culinary delights. The grill is a key element in the preparation of the meal, and after tasting the food you will think the chef has been practicing a little bit of magic in the kitchen. Combine it with the stunning panoramic views of the city, the Longyear glacier and the Hiorth mountain, and you have an award-winning dining experience.

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Get the most out of your northern light holiday

The northern lights are visible from Longyearbyen, but you’ll encounter the really eye-opening displays a bit further from town. This offer includes a northern lights safari with bus or link snowcat, and this is a great way to introduce you to the northern lights!

But, there are several more ways to experience the magic light in the sky. How about going dog sledding under the northern lights? All you can hear are the tiny paws running across the frozen fields, as the sky above you explode in a colour scheme like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Or how about getting all your woollen gear on and join us for a hike? We follow a trapper's trail and go chasing northern lights and memories.

If you are of the thrill-seeking kind we have the northern light experience for you! Snow mobile safari! Join us for a ride out in the Advent Valley. At the beginning, only the headlights from the snow mobile will show the way, but as we stop, lean back and look up you can see the magnifiscent display of the Aurora in the sky.

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A unique display of light

Typical features of the daytime aurora is that it is less intense than nighttime aurora. This is because the particles that enter directly are slow and have less energy, than those coming in from the nighttime. The daytime aurora appears green to the naked eye, but in reality it is red. However, the human eye is much less sensitive to red than green light, so seeing the red light with the naked eye is very rare. Cameras, on the other hand, can capture it!

The magical aurora - a unique display of light, ever changing, ever fascinating. Named for the Greek goddess of dawn, Aurora, the northern lights have long been a source for myth and legend, and today attracts many visitors to the Arctic. To learn more about the aurora check out our Aurora Borealis information page.

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From NOK 5.490,-
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