The great outdoors

The great outdoors

Experience some of the great adventures Svalbard has to offer. Coal Miners' Cabins is the best place for those wishing to spend money on activities over luxury hotels. Here you will have a good bed to lie in, tasty food after hours outdoors and social common areas.

Adventure Vacation to Svalbard

Treat yourself to a real "adventure vacation" to Svalbard, Norway's most beautiful holiday destination. In this offer you will stay at the miners' old brackets. These have been refurbished, and today, Coal Miners' Cabins is a popular place for both tourists and locals. You will find Coal Miners' Bar & Grill here, with juicy barbecue food and a rich selection of drinks. Activities included are a scooter ride to Svea and dog sledding to an ice cave. In other words, you'll see Svalbard both above and below the ice!

Included activities

  • 3 nights at a double room at Coal Miners' Cabins
  • Snowmobile to Svea
  • Dog sledding tour to an ice cave

    Included in the package is a snowmobile trip to Svea and dog sledding to an ice cave. The scooter ride takes you to the recently closed mining town Svea. On the way out, we hope to experience some of Svalbard's wildlife, you will most likely see many of the Svalbard reindeer. In addition, we stop to enjoy the view and take in all the impressions nature offers.

    Dogsledding begins at Green Dog in Bolterdalen by getting the dogs ready. Here you will see many eager dogs ready to run, and the sound of keen barking makes the heart beat. As soon as the dogs run, it's all silent. We drive towards an ice cave, and experience the inside of a glacier. Here we enjoy the silence and the different formations the ice has created.

Coal Miners' Cabins

Located at the foot of the mountains, at the top of the Longyear Valley. A perfect base for trips on foot, skiing or snowmobiling. It is also a reasonable priced accommodation. You'll find Coal Miners' Bar & Grill here, offering juicy burgers and a good atmosphere. The hotel was refurbished and is today a cool place for both tourists and locals. There is a shared bathroom in the hallway, and perfect for those who want to spend their money on adventrues. Read more about Coal Miners' Cabins .

Coal Miners' Cabins

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