Dog sledding in Advent Valley NOK 990

Dog sledding in Advent Valley

Eager polar dogs pull the specially-made wheeled sleds, and you can enjoy the views and experience the birds and wildlife of Advent Valley up close!

Drive your own dog sled

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This is a fantastic chance to drive a dog sled even though it isn't winter. We will collect you from your hotel and take you to Green Dog, 10km from Longyearbyen. Here you will be equipped with an exposure suit, boots and mittens, and given a good introduction to how the dogs and sleds should be worked. We then harness the dogs and head out on our adventure. The guide will drive the first sled, with space for one guest in his sled. The other participants follow in small wagons for 3 people.

Get closer to the wildlife

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We make good speed as we follow the road towards the old northern lights research station. Underway there is a good chance that we will see reindeer, foxes and teeming birdlife. We will make several stops along the way to give the dogs a drink. The tour takes us along the track into Endalen and past the cableway turning station. The clear colours of the vegetation in contrast to the mountains and sky and in combination with the clean Arctic air is refreshing for both the body and soul! This is a tour where you quickly get close to nature and our happy polar dogs! After the tour we visit the puppies at Green Dog and get something warm to drink.

Call +47 7902 6100 or book your trip
Price: NOK 990
NOK 990

Children 495

Adult: NOK 1090,-
Child: NOK 545,-


Approximately 4 hours


From June to October


Minimum 1 participant
Maximum 11 participants

Minimum age

8 years old

Difficulty level

3 - average physical fitness

We require from participants that they must understand English or a Scandinavian language.


call us +47 79 02 61 00

HURTIGRUTEN SVALBARD AS, P.O. Box 548, N-9171 Longyearbyen
Telephone.: +47 79 02 61 00 | 951 251 579

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