Dogsledding to an ice cave NOK 2490

Dog sledding to an ice cave

A seven hour adventure - drive your own dog team to a fantastic ice cave which is only accessible by dog sledding. The ice cave is sheltered from the elements, allowing the ice to form amazing shapes and colours.

Silent travel through the snow

You will be collected from the hotel entrance and driven to the dog year which is located approximately 12km from Longyearbyen. Once there you will be fitted for outerclothes for the tour and given an introduction to dogsledding. The guide will ride in front with a big sled that takes two guests. Each smaller sled will take two guests, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the ride as a passenger and try mushing for yourself.

Beautiful formations in crystal clear ice

The group will stop at a beautiful ice cave hidden within a glacier, and explore the cave whilst the dogs rest. During the summer the ice cave is a bubbling meltwater river, and you will be able to see how the water has cut a deep path through the ancient ice, leaving beautiful formations in the ice which has been here for millennia. After exploring the cave, we will enjoy a light lunch. If we need to find shelter from the weather, we will sit inside our tent, or igloo depending on the season, until the dogs are ready again. They will be well-rested, and eager to head downhill towards the dog yard. After seeing the dogs work hard to make their way onto the glacier, we now experience something different as the dogs run effortlessly downhill. During the last stage before the dog yard we will hold a steady oace, and there will be time to enjoy the untouched wilderness and let all of the days experiences sink in.

Pricing information

Pricing includes transport to and from your accommodation (except for the camping ground), warm winter outerwear/boots, a light lunch and warm drinks/snacks.

All tours are led by an experienced, armed guide to protect you from polar bears. Your safety is our first priority.

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Price: NOK 2490
NOK 2490

Children under 13 years NOK 1245


6 - 7 hours 


Minimum 1

Age limit

From 8 years

Degree of difficulty

3 - Average physical fitness

We require from participants that they must understand English or a Scandinavian language.


From January to May

Online booking

call us +47 79 02 61 00

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