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Tempelfjord snowmobile safari NOK 3095

Temple fjord snowmobile safari

This is a great snowmobile trip through typical Svalbard landscape. We drive through some of the great valleys to the banks of the Sassenfjord and the trapper Hilmar Nøis's residence, Villa Fredheim.

Towards Fredheim

This is the perfect trip for those who do not have so much snowmobile experience, but still want to have a good day out and about into the wild, far away from Longyearbyen.

The goal of the trip is Fredheim, the home of legendary trapper Hilmar Nøis, who spent 38 winters on Svalbard. Nøis was called "The King of Sassen." His aim was to be a fisherman, but constantly struck by heavy sea sickness, he became a trapper on Svalbard instead. Many trappers’ stations on Svalbard are of very simple standard, but "Villa Fredheim" is an exception. With a flagpole, potted plants and curtains, this two-story "villa" was a palace compared to other huts. However, despite the "luxurious" standard, you can’t fail to be impressed by Nøis and his family who lived out in the wilderness winter after winter.


We enjoy an expedition lunch in the wild. Perhaps it will be on the top of Fjordnibba, overlooking the magnificent Temple Mountain and the Von Post-glacier at the end of the Temple fjord. If the winter has been long and cold and there has been enough snow, we can drive into the front of the glacier. Alternatively, we park the snowmobiles at Fredheim and go for a walk on the sea ice. Safety is always a priority, and regardless of route choice, the guide will tell about the nature and history of the area, and if we are lucky we will experience some of the wildlife found here.

If weather permits, we may choose another route back to Longyearbyen. The regular route goes through Sassendalen, Eskerdalen and Adventdalen. Alternative route is from the Sassenfjord through De Geerdalen and the Helvetia Valley.

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Safety is priority

Several of Hurtigruten Svalbard's guides have done the Arctic Nature Guide study and most are also authorized Svalbard Guide, through the Svalbard Guide Education (SGO). The SGO education contains the basic requirements for safe travels in Svalbard Arctic nature. It contains training that the Svalbard Tourist Destination and the authorities in relation to the Svalbard guideline's general knowledge of the archipelago, field safety and understanding of environmental and cultural values. In addition, our guides have training within our company throughout the year. We want you to have fun when you are driving, but safety is number 1 priority.


1. Suitable for all. 2. Suitable for most without any snowmobile experience, very easy and flat terrain. Distance up to 40 kilometers. 3. Suitable for most without any snowmobile experience, through some rugged terrain. Distance up to 160 kilometers. 4. Previous snowmobile experience recommended, long day trips up to 180 kilometers. 5. For those with previous snowmobile experience, very long day trips more than 180 kilometers.

Driving license

You will need a valid driving license for either car or motor cycle to drive a snowmobile. Make sure to bring this along for the entire duration of the trip.

What’s included?

Included in all organised snowmobile tours are: Briefing, snowmobile, fuel, snowmobile suit, snowmobile boots, mittens, helmet, balaclava, goggles, search and rescue insurance and an experienced tour guide with snowmobiles, security equipment and a safety sled.


We recommend you to wear warm underwear, warm outer pants and a wool sweater under the snowmobile suit. We also recommend that you have extra clothes in a backpack. For example, an extra sweater, hat and gloves.


Longyearbyen hospital discourages pregnant women to attend snowmobile and dog sled rides, because it involves a risk to harm the pregnant women and the unborn child.


In the interests of the safety of participants, we reserve the right to change the route in relation to weather and snow. This will not affect the price of the tour. Participants need to follow the tour guide directions and instructions. Our tour leader takes no passengers.


Driving under the influence of alcohol is not accepted.

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Price: NOK 3095
NOK 3095

Driver NOK 3095
Passenger NOK 1595


We need strong, solid sea ice to safely visit the glacier front at Tempelfjorden. In lack of sea ice we will make other stops in the area.

As a replacement for this trip, we recommend a snowmobile safari to Svea.

Duration and distance

Approximately 6,5 - 8 hours and 140 km


Minimum 2 snowmobiles.

Minimum age

8 years

Degree of difficulty

3 - suitable for most, some rugger terrain.

We require from participants that they must understand English or a Scandinavian language.


From January 21st to May 16th

Online booking

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