Bright Nights and White Planes (March-May)

In March the imposing arctic nature reveals itself. The transformation in February and March when the sun is low and the majestic white clad mountains are covered in pink shimmering light has to be experienced.

Exciting excursions

The sound from the snowmobiles can again be heard in Longyearbyen as adventurous people make their way out to the fantastic wilderness. Snowmobiles are the only mode of transport allowed travelling out of the settlements in the Winter, however it is regulated. We are always prepared for bad weather and are concerned about preserving nature and animal life.

Also recommended is a traditional dogsled ride where the silence and interaction between animals and humans can be enjoyed.

In April the midnight sun arrives and the light can be taken advantage of both day and night. Until the middle of May the conditions are good for exciting excursions to places like the Von Post and Tuna glacier faces calving into the frozen sea, or to the Russian settlement Barentsburg.

Suggestions for groups travelling in March - May

Day 1:

Arrive Svalbard airport in the afternoon. We will meet the group at the airport and take you to the hotel for checking in.

Polar evening out in the wilderness - food and social activities in the Arctic Winter.

The trip is by tracked vehicle to our permanent Safari Camp in Adventdalen, appr. 4 km north of Longyearbyen. We stop by our a large heated tent and a table laid with Arctic Food is waiting for us. The menu is composed mainly of raw materials from Svalbard, with accoutrements worthy of an Arctic Wilderness Restaurant.

In addition to serving the food, our tour guides also serve up a few snacks from the history and day to day to life up here. With our very special restaurant, good traditional Svalbard food and a glint in the eye, we are sure you will enjoy a dining experience you are not likely to forget.

Day 2:


Polar excursion on snowmobiles
You will be given driving instructions and safety instructions before setting out on a snowmobile safari to the Russian settlement Barentsburg. The trip will take you through Svalbard's characteristic nature, across white planes and through narrow valleys. Our experienced tour guides are updated on Svalbard's history, fauna and geography, and they will contribute in making this journey more than just a trip.

Several stops will be made during the journey. You will be able to enjoy nature, hear stories from Svalbard or just listen to the peace and quiet only found in the white arctic wilderness. We will have lunch at a Russian cafe in Barentsburg. All drivers need to bring their driving licence as the traffic regulations also apply in Svalbard's nature. The evening is brought to a close with an arctic banquette dinner.

Day 3:


Ice grotto tour
One of the area's most magnificent ice grottoes is situated approximately 20 minutes, by track vehicle, outside Longyearbyen. At the entrance of the grotto you will given a head lamp and our experienced tour guides will lead you safely inside the glacier.

In the light from the head lamp you will be able to view a grotto decorated with icicles and snow crystals. The grotto is formed from melted water running down along the glacier, forcing its way through ice, stone and gravel on its journey towards the bottom of the valley during the summer months. When winter arrives the walls, ceiling and floor freezes.

Lunch is served in the hotel's restaurant.

Transport to the airport for departure in the afternoon.

Price per person: CALL +47 79 02 61 00

The prices are based on a minimum of 20 people travelling.

The price includes accommodation for 2 nights in the selected room category, meals, activities, guides and transport as described in the program.

Amendments to the program made during your stay will also be included in the price.


Did you know?


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