A day on Svalbard

A day on Svalbard

Kick off those heels, and leave the suit at home. It's time for Svalbard!

Winter in Svalbard

Take your colleagues to Svalbard, and let us create an exciting program. In Svalbard the winter season is light and magic, with many unique activities you can join. Winter in Svalbard is best experienced between March 1 and May 17, when it becomes brighter and brighter with each passing day. We offer snowmobile tours, dog sledding and memorable meals.

We suggest you take your colleagues for an eventful conference to 78 degrees north. One day in Svalbard can be experienced with a delicious breakfast, meetings or courses in our premises and a delicious lunch. Then come along on a snowmobile safari to Tempelfjorden, before you kick start the evening with champagne tasting in Nordpolet. Finish it off with an arctic challenge; seven course meal at Restaurant Nansen. But remember that the midnight sun is here from April 19, so even after bedtime you can go out on an adventure. Our state of the art snowcat will take you on a hunt for the Northern Lights, and gives you Longyearbyen's most beautiful views for dessert! /p>

Discover the Northern Lights

Food on Svalbard is probably something of what we are most proud of, with fresh ingredients and creative chefs we create magical moments in our restaurants. Coal Miners' Cabin serves of course homemade bread for breakfast!

A visit to Svalbard during the Christmas season gets extra magical when you get to see the northern lights in the "middle of the day". The green veil folds in waves over you, and awakens exciting things in your colleagues around you. Bring colleagues out on a trip to hunt for the Northern Lights with our snowcat, an experience you will enjoy when you return home to your office on the mainland.

In the evening you will go out to Camp Barentz, a nostalgic cottage where there is storytelling, refreshments and a good warm meal. Here you can warm your hands and your rose painted cheeks in front of a living flame, and build even stronger relationships with each other. Camp Barentz is a historical place that we've built to tell the history of Svalbard discoverer; Willem Barents.

We are obviously helpful with activities you can do together with colleagues to create interaction and enjoyment. Here it's all about discovering Svalbard, but also discover merits and characteristics of each other. Therefore Svalbard is an unique place to bring colleagues. /p>

Summer on Svalbard

The summer on Svalbard is not like your typical summer you remember as a child. It offers neither mosquito stings or allergies! Summer on Svalbard is a great way to show your colleagues that they have done a good job and deserves a unique break from work. Summer season in Svalbard begins from 18th of May. The midnight sun has melted the snow in the city since April, and flowers begin slowly to peek out. Bring your colleagues up here for an experience for a lifetime.

We propose an active conference which may include a fast-paced Isfjordsafari to the Birdcliff with our polar-circle boat. Then the best burger in town at the cool hang out place Coal Miners' Bar & Grill. Then get a taste of Svalbard, a culinary experience hiking in Longyearbyen. Go into the late summer hours with a dazzling dinner at Restaurant Nansen, you have deserved it!

See you at Svalbard!

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