Alcohol card

Alcohol card

Get the feeling of being a real mine worker, with a ration card for alcohol! 

Company town

Until the late 1980s, Longyearbyen was a ‘Company Town’. The mining company was all powerful, and controlled everything in town – even the consumption of alcohol was tightly controlled. The miners had to present their alcohol cards to receive a drink or a bottle of beer. This rule still applies for permanent residents of the area when purchasing alcohol at Nordpolet.

Alcohol card for beer and wine

5 glasses for NOK 245 or 10 glasses for NOK 495. 

Today everyone can purchase drinks at without rationing, but Spitsbergen Travel has created a special version that can be used in all of our bars and restaurants. In addition to being an unique Svalbard souvenir, the card is also a practical way to make your stay, and that of your group, simpler and more practical. 

The alcohol card can be used for the purchase of alcohol in Spitsbergen Travel’s restaurants on Svalbard: Funktionærmessen, Restaurant Nansen, Barentz Pub & Spiseri, Coal Miners’ bar & Grill, Funken Bar og Det gamle Nordpolet.

Get the alcohol card

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