Det gamle Nordpolet NOK 495

Det gamle Nordpolet

Until recently, the old alcohol store from 1954 lay forgotten underneath the Spitsbergen Hotel. Now, it has been renovated for Champagne tasting.

Exclusive aperitiff

In this historical room, where the miners and administrative staff came to collect their quota of alcohol, you can book a tasting of exclusive and delicious bubbles. Our Champagne list is rich and wide ranging, and boasts many bottles from rare vintages.

A Champagne tasting at det gamle Nordpolet is the ultimate aperitiff before enjoying a delicious meal at Funktionærmessen Restaurant. The tasting includes three selected Champagnes, canapées and well-versed staff to explain both the vintages and the location to you.

Tastings can be booked for 4 to 12 guests, and larger groups may also be possible on request. 

Price per person is NOK 495. Please remember to book at least one day in advance.
Duration: 1 hour.

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