Funken Bar

Funken Bar

A sense of expeditions and polar adventures are buried deep in the wooden walls at Funken Bar. Sit down and soak in the atmosphere at this historic bar in Longyearbyen. 

Arctic Legacy

Funken Bar is a great place to indulge in Arctic history. Here you will find a vast collection of polar literature. Sit back and relax in our Chesterfield lounge or enjoy a game of pool. We serve lunch daily and you can enjoy salads or a contemporary cuisine in historical surroundings. The food here is prepared by our chefs in our kitchen and has won several awards in culinary magazines. Our kitchen is renowned and known for some of the best food in Longyearbyen.

Funken Bar has kept its original style since Spitsbergen Hotel was renovated. With its classical charm and wide selection of drinks and meals, this is a great to place to hang out or wind down after dinner in Funktionærmessen Restaurant.

Champagne and waffles


Funken Bar is an ideal place for meeting friends, or enjoying the luxury of being on your own. The comfortable Chesterfield sofas provide perfect places to relax with a book or a meal, or meet friends for a drink. The bar offers a surprisingly large selection of beverages, and cheerful staff.


In the afternoon you can make your own waffles to enjoy in the lounge area.

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Opening hours

18.00 to 02.00 every day

Friday from 16.00 - 02.00

Food is served every day between 12.00 - 23.00


call us +47 79 02 61 00

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