Funken Bar

Funken Bar

Join us in the historic Funken Bar. Here, good food and drink have been served since 1991.

Arctic Legacy

Funken Bar is an intimate bar by the fireplace at Funken Lodge. The refurbishment of Spitsbergen Hotel (Funken Lodge in 2018) will also mean that Funken Bar will be new.

Funken Bar was Longyearbyen's first bar of mixed drinks and was opened 8th of March in Longyearbyen in 1991. The bar was fairly provisional, with a reception desk as the bar, and staff from various departments served as bartenders. Fortunately, much has changed, but the good atmosphere and the good drinks are still here. A perfect place to hang out before a better dinner at the Functional Restaurant.

Funken Bar has kept its original style since Spitsbergen Hotel was renovated. In February 2018 it opens with a new look. With its wide selection of drinks and meals, this is a great place to hang out or wind down after dinner in Funktionærmessen Restaurant.

Champagne and wine


Funken Bar is an ideal place for meeting friends, or enjoying the luxury of being on your own. We also have a wide range of wine and champagne, and you might find a new favourite in our cellar.

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Opening hours

18.00 to 02.00 every day

Friday from 16.00 - 02.00

Food is served every day between 12.00 - 23.00


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