Arnstein Hatland

Arnstein Hatland

Lived on Svalbard since 2006 and spent four years in the northernmost settlement in the world: Ny-Ålesund. Arnstein is our weapons and firearms expert.

I've always wanted to experience Svalbard

Arnstein has been around Svalbard a lot. He has a lot of experience from many expeditions. He lived in Ny-Ålesund for four years, and this gave him the chance to travel to remote places few have ever visited.

”Svalbard has always been a very exciting place to me. It's rough and beautiful at the same time, but going on expeditions can be challenging. I want to help you to be safe during your stay here.”

Arnstein is our weapons and firearms expert. He will help you pick the best tools to experience the Arctic wilderness - from hunting to polar bear protection.


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