Outdoor equipment

Outdoor equipment

We got all the gear you need for your adventure on Svalbard. From rental to purchase, you can be sure to get the best equipment for any Arctic challenge.

Equipment rental

Prices for equipment rental
Equipment Daily price Weekly price
Sledge from May to February 295 NOK 1750 NOK
Sledge from February to May 395 NOK 2300 NOK
Tie-dowms (whole period) 35 NOK 35 NOK
Jerry can (whole period) 65 NOK 65 NOK
Emergency beacon 180 NOK 880 NOK
Jerry can 250 NOK 1500 NOK

The renter is accountable for the beacon and it should only be activated in an emergency situation. Wrongful activation might entail a penalty. Rental of the beacon does not involve any responsibility to Longyear Outdoors and Expeditions or the Norwegian Rescue Service.

Prices for rental of other equipment
Equipment Price per liter / unit
Oil for two stroke snow mobile 75 NOK
Fuel 15 NOK
Alkylat fuel 5 litres 209 NOK
Pick-up snowmobile 50 NOK pr. km.
Pick–up weapon / clothes 60 NOK

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